Valentine Mouth Rejuvenation (Corner Of The Mouth Lift, Valentine Anguloplasty)

With advancing years, the outsides of just about everything on the face turn down, including the corners of the mouth, creating a negative line.

Valentine Mouth Rejuvenation

Since the mouth and peri-oral region own the dominant role in broadcasting disposition, this negative line, created by aging, can turn messages of:

  • openness into rejection,
  • receptiveness into hostility,
  • pleasure into pain,
  • joy into sadness,
  • understanding into misunderstanding,
  • comprehension into confusion,
  • delight into despair.

The artistry of successful facial rejuvenation is in understanding the power of a line, and converting a negative line to a positive one.

Valentine Mouth Rejuvenation

For years plastic surgery has been obsessed with facelifting as the ultimate solution to facial aesthetics. Actually “face-lifting” does little to nothing to correct many problem areas, especially the area around the mouth. The Valentine Anguloplasty operation was devised by Dr. Flowers for that reason to overcome the shortcomings of facelift around the mouth area.

Valentine anguloplasty is lifts the downward turn of the mouth corners. This does wonders to correct that unfortunate grumpy, saddened look that commonly appears in the late twenties or early thirties, and gets worse with progressing years. Its name comes from the small lopsided valentine excision performed at the corner of the mouth.

Valentine Mouth Rejuvenation

It is common for one or more other small procedures to accompany valentine anguloplasty such as injection soft tissue filler (Juvaderm, Radiesse) into the lip and lip lines, chemical peel or resurfacing of the lip, chin augmentation, or shortening the distance between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose.

Valentine Mouth Rejuvenation

Valentine mouth rejuvenation is an office-based procedure, can be done under local anesthesia only, and makes wonders when the focus is the mouth area.

Valentine Mouth Rejuvenation

To see before and after pictures for the Valentine Mouth Rejuvenation procedure, click here.

Our plastic surgery clinic is located in Panama City and Destin, on Northwest Florida's Emerald Coast.

Our plastic surgery clinic is located in Panama City and Destin, on Northwest Florida's Emerald Coast. Also serving Panama City Beach, Destin, Tallahassee Florida and Dothan, Alabama

Valentine Mouth Rejuvenation Procedure

Dr. Ceydeli was invited to discuss this procedure at the prestigous Asthetic Show in 2012. View the video to learn more about The Valentine Mouth Rejuvenation Procedure. Play Video

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