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Breast Augmentation – Panama City Silicone Implants

Breast Augmentation Panama City

Are you interested in breast augmentation? Plastic surgeons are able to use silicone breast implants and saline breast implants when performing breast augmentation procedures. Both have pros and cons. In many ways, silicone implants are the preferable option. Silicone-gel breast implants have a softer, more natural feel than saline implants. Silicone implants once required a […]

Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty Panama City

Eyelid Surgery Panama City

Have you noticed that your eyelids are looking worn down and are making you look older than you might like? Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a way to address the changes to a person’s eyelids that occur as a result of the aging process. As the collagen and elastin protein production levels in the skin […]