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Through delicate operating techniques learned under the tutelage of some of America’s most talented surgeons, Adil Ceydeli, M.D., M.S. offers patients the peace of mind that comes from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. With significant experience in the area of thigh contouring, the doctor offers patients the option of a medical thigh lift for those who would benefit from a lifting of the inner thigh area.

Helping to alleviate the appearance of flabby skin that may result from the natural process of aging or significant weight loss, a thigh lift procedure, sometimes referred to as thighplasty, entails making the shortest possible incisions on the inner thighs or groin area to contour the thigh and remove excess skin.

Alternatively, if a patient wishes to improve the appearance of the outer thigh, liposuction may be the best option, as the removal of excess fat from this area can reduce the size and improve the appearance of the outer thigh. These procedures can be enhanced and expanded to include a thigh and buttock lift, should a more in-depth procedure be desired.

There are different levels of thigh lift cosmetic surgery and while minor thighplasty using liposuction requires only minimal downtime, a large or significant thigh lift may entail a few days of time-off from work. However, both are outpatient procedures and the patient goes home the same day. There are also decisions that can be made prior to surgery regarding the type of incisions made during the operation to facilitate the desired visual result.

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Thigh lift photos are available for viewing to enhance visual understanding of the cosmetic surgery procedure of a medical thigh lift and to aid those who are considering surgery to improve the look of their lower body. As a way to repair and rejuvenate the appearance of the thigh area, thighplasty and liposuction cosmetic surgery are safe and proven options for improving the body’s contours.

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