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Various fillers are widely used at our clinic for the management of wrinkles, fine lines, contour deformities, and volume deficiencies of the face, cheeks, and lips associated with aging, developmental anomalies, and certain diseases.

Fillers - Radiesse

Radiesse (calcium-based microspheres) and Juvaderm (hyaluronic acid derivative) are the two products most commonly used as fillers at our clinic. This is because both are natural substances that do not require pretesting for allergic reactions, injections can last for approximately six months (and much longer with Radiesse), and they cause minimal discomfort and very few side effects. Makeup can be applied and normal activities may be resumed immediately after injection. These fillers are also ideal adjuncts for Botox treatment and are frequently used in conjunction with that product to correct persistent lines and creases.

Dr. Ceydeli’s philosophy when it comes to soft tissue augmentation with fillers differs from most other physicians. He believes in facial harmony and natural appearance and treats the face as a whole to avoid a “done” look. He uses the syringe to rejuvenate the face the way an artist uses his brush to paint a picture.

Lip Enhancement Using Fillers

Lips diminish in size and fullness as we age. Restoring them to their youthful fullness can contribute greatly to facial rejuvenation, alone or in combination with surgery. It also softens a severe “hard” appearance, adding “good looks” in a man and beauty in a woman.

Lip Enhancement Using Fillers

Readily available fillers are used to achieve youthful, sexy lips. The goal of lip enhancement is not to make them unnaturally big, but to define the lip lines and Cupid’s bow, and recreate the volume lost over time.

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