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The eyes are the most important aesthetic unit of the face. They make us look young or old, happy or sad, tired or rested. The eyes are our point of contact with others and with ourselves every morning in the mirror.

Age-related changes around the eyes are imminent for anyone over 30, although some may be lucky enough not to experience the dramatic changes for a few more years. If unchecked, the end result of the aging process is inexorable, but it can be fixed with a magnificent operation, MAG-5, which has five interrelated components to restore the eye to its youthful tone and beautiful shape.

Our plastic surgery office is located in Lynn Haven, just north of Panama City, on Northwest Florida’s beautiful Emerald Coast.

Eye Innovation

This state-of-the-art technique was invented by Dr. Ceydeli’s mentor, Dr. Robert Flowers, with whom he completed advanced aesthetic fellowship training in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Understanding the Surgery

The eyes are surrounded and supported by the skin, muscle, and ligamentous structures. Some of the ligamentous structures (tarsal plates, canthal ligaments) suspend the eyeball and attach the eyelids securely to the eye socket, giving the eye its beautiful and youthful almond shape, while others (orbital septum) keep the eyelid fat deep inside the socket beneath the eyeball, preventing it from protruding through the skin and causing unattractive eyelid bags. The muscle around the eye (orbicularis oculi) tightens the eyelids, further supporting the underlying ligamentous structures to keep the eyelid fat where it belongs, deep in the eye socket. The skin surrounds these structures, acting as an envelope, but does not provide any additional structural support.

Mag-5 Procedure

As we age, skin, muscle, and ligamentous structures around the eyes lose their tone and elasticity, and in turn, the eyes lose their youthful and beautiful shape. The end result is round eyes, sagging and out-turned eyelids with eyelid bags, and increased show of the sclera (white matter of the eye).

Mag-5 Procedure

Mag-5 ProcedureThe eyebrows also lose their secure attachments to the underlying bone and drop downward, making matters worse. Aesthetics aside, with the additional weight of the brows, the already sagging eyelids are even prone to vision problems.

The technique addresses all the unsightly results of aging around the eyes, brows, and midface. The MAG-5 operation elevates and secures the brows to their original position, removes the frown (corrugator) muscles and related wrinkles, removes the excess skin and fat from the lower eyelids restoring their tone and shape, and rejuvenates the midface by returning the drooping cheek fat pad to its original location.

Components of the MAG-5 Procedure

This is a unique operation that treats aging-related problems often overlooked by even the most experienced plastic surgeons. Many patients are misdiagnosed and undergo unnecessary facelift procedures in an attempt to rejuvenate facial aging. However, the results are usually unnatural, giving the patients an artificial, operated look. With the MAG-5 operation, the face undergoes a restoration, not a transformation. Working against Mother Nature is always challenging if not impossible. However, Dr. Ceydeli can fend off Mother Nature for 10-15 years with this state-of-the-art facial rejuvenation procedure.

Before & After Photos

To see before and after pictures for MAG-5, click here. During your consultation, Dr. Ceydeli and Dr. Duong will be able to answer any questions you have and go over more before and after photos.

How Much Does MAG-5 Cost in Panama City?

The cost of the surgery can vary on a number of factors. During your consultation with the surgeons, they’ll go over with you their recommendations, associated costs, and any financing options that are available.

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At The Plastic Surgery Institute & Spa in Lynn Haven, just north of Panama City, Dr. Ceydeli specializes in MAG-5 surgery. Patents have traveled to see him all throughout Florida, Dothan AL, and other parts of the world. The surgeons are widely recognized for their skill and bed-side manner. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

In the News

To read the recent article about MAG-5; published by Dr. Ceydeli and Dr. Flowers in the prestigious plastic surgery journal Clinics in Plastic Surgery, click here.

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