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Breast reduction surgery is one of the most satisfying procedures in plastic surgery. It not only improves the aesthetics of the breasts but, more importantly, improves the quality of life for most women with the debilitating problem of heavy breasts.

Your Breast Reduction will be performed by Dr. Pfeifer, Dr. Adil Ceydeli, or Dr. Tong Duong at their office in Lynn Haven, FL just outside of Panama City.

Potential Complications Caused by Large Breasts

Breast size may not correlate with weight, exercise activity, or age. Some women have very large breasts despite having a petite body, and this problem may present itself as early as puberty. When the breasts are that large, they almost always cause problems with daily activities, difficulty exercising, issues with finding properly fitting clothing and bras, constant neck and back pain, and the list goes on. Larger breasts are also more affected by gravity. So the poor woman not only carries the weight of these breasts on her chest 24/7 but they further drag her down due to sagging. Trying to retain them in place often requires hard-to-find supportive bras, and even these bras cannot correct the problem. They often leave bra strap marks on shoulders, causing shoulder grooving on the skin. When breasts are heavy and pendulous, some women develop rash beneath their breasts due to constant moisture.

In addition to the above debilitating symptoms, large breasts almost always come with sagging, large areolas, and loss of upper breast/chest wall fullness due to heavy, low-hanging breasts. So women with really large breasts not only suffer from associated debilitating symptoms but also are unhappy with the way they look.

The Benefits of Breast Reduction

When well done, breast reduction surgery improves a patient’s symptoms dramatically, even as early as the day after surgery. Neck/back pain, shoulder grooving, and rash under the breast improve; Without all that heavy weight on their shoulders, patients are able to start exercising, and they start sleeping better, perhaps on their belly for the first time for a long time.

Breast Reduction Before & After Photos

Check out the surgeon’s before and after photos. To see more pictures for breast reduction, click here.

Breast Reduction Before & After in Panama City by Dr. Ceydeli
Breast Reduction Before & After in Panama City by Dr. Ceydeli

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How Breast Reduction Surgery is Performed

We have pointed out some of the benefits of breast reduction for correcting physical and aesthetic problems, however, patients should study and know their options when it comes to breast reduction surgery techniques. The goal here is not to have a mastectomy for cancer, but to reduce the breast size to a more comfortable volume while improving the look of the breasts at the same time.

There are basically two main techniques for breast reduction. One is called “traditional breast reduction with an anchor-shaped scar,” also called “inferior pedicle technique” or “inverted T scar technique.” In our opinion, that technique should be abandoned. Unfortunately, it is the technique used by more than 80% of plastic surgeons in this country and is the main technique taught in residency programs. During his training, Dr. Ceydeli had vast experience with this technique and even published articles in the plastic surgery literature about this technique, to improve its outcome. The old-school anchor-shape technique can improve the symptoms of large breasts, however, the cosmetic outcome is unpleasant. The symptoms improve because breast size is reduced, but the end cosmetic result with this technique is high nipples, with the lower half of the breast sagging, which is called pseudoptosis. The breast has a wide and short, boxy appearance due to the flatness of the upper breast. Furthermore, the patient ends up with very long incisions from almost armpit to the sternum (breastbone). While a plastic surgeon who performs this technique may be very talented, the cosmetic result will still be suboptimal, as the technique is inferior, even in the best hands.

Short-Scar Breast Reduction

The relatively newer technique is called “short-scar breast reduction,” otherwise known as “lollipop breast reduction.” This newer technique not only limits the length of the incision dramatically but also gives natural, round breasts with nice projection and upper pole fullness. The patient gets the same benefits of breast reduction and improvement of symptoms, but they also love what they see in the mirror. This short-scar technique can be applied even to the biggest breast reductions, despite the traditional misconception that this technique is challenging in such cases.

At Plastic Surgery Institute & Spa, we exclusively use a short-scar technique with very high patient satisfaction. With this technique, the breast tissue is removed mainly from the bottom and lateral (outer) part of the breast, since this is the heavy, sagging part. The upper part of the breast is not removed, leaving the desired fullness on the upper chest, contrary to the traditional anchor shape technique, which gives hollowness to the upper chest.

We also incorporate liposuction into our short-scar breast reduction procedures, to keep the incision even shorter and to improve the cosmetic outcome even more. Instead of extending the incision, we use a thin liposuction cannula to reduce the tissue in difficult-to-reach areas of the breast, such as the axilla (armpit region). With the addition of liposuction, borders have better definition, so the cosmetic outcome is improved. That’s why we call our technique “Liposuction-Assisted Short-Scar Breast Reduction,” and in our opinion, it is the gold standard for breast reduction surgery, for those who seek the best cosmetic outcome.

Breast Reduction Recovery

Swelling, bruising, and some discomfort are to be expected following breast reduction surgery. You will be provided with a special surgical bra that you will need to wear during the initial part of the recovery process in order to provide you with the additional support you will need.

How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost in Panama City?

The price of breast reduction surgery in Panama city varies from patient to patient as each procedure plan is formulated to meet the specific needs of each individual. Dr. Ceydeli can address any questions you may have about pricing and payment options during your consultation.

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