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For patients interested in improving the appearance of their body after weight loss, Adil Ceydeli, M.D., M.S. provides a variety of plastic surgery options. After significant weight loss through bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery becomes one of the only ways to restore the body’s natural shape, in the form of body lift surgery.

After such weight loss, it is common for sagging skin in many areas of the body to keep the smooth contours of a healthy body from materializing. But a tummy tuck or belly tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, can be an option for improving the appearance of the body when loose skin is present. This contouring of the midsection may also help the patient lose belly fat, while a more extensive procedure, known as a circumferential lift, is a more aggressive option to get rid of fat.

For a patient with significant hanging skin or an extreme panniculus, the only way to reduce fat on the body may be through a body lift procedure. Sometimes referred to as torsoplasty, the hours-long process is a combination of procedures that target the abdominal area, the thighs, and the buttocks. When it becomes necessary to perform procedures more extensive than liposuction, a body lift not only provides a way to flatten stomach areas, but this cosmetic procedure also helps remove excess skin left behind after the body has lost significant weight.

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Extensively trained in the art of major cosmetic surgery for patients who have lost significant amounts of weight, Dr. Ceydeli offers plastic surgery options that can improve the patient’s mind and body, focusing on the most advanced techniques designed to leave minimal scarring and provide a comfortable and safe recovery.

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