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Men and women who are bothered by the saggy or lumpy appearance of their upper arms can restore their appearance by receiving an arm lift in Panama City. As a prominent Florida plastic surgeon, Adil Ceydeli, M.D., M.S. serves the Panama City area, working to ensure that clients receive care from a highly respected cosmetic surgeon well-versed in the art of modern plastic surgery.

What Is an Arm Lift?

For the contouring of the arms, Dr. Ceydeli offers the brachioplasty procedure, also known as an arm lift, which entails removing excess skin and eliminating surplus fat deposits from the upper arm. This arm contouring helps to improve the shape and form of the upper arm.

Arm Lift Candidates

After significant weight loss, the body can often suffer from flabby arms or sagging skin, and an upper arm lift can help greatly improve the profile of a patient’s upper arm.

So, too, can age take its toll on the elasticity and form of the skin. By using advanced liposuction techniques to remove excess fat deposits, Dr. Ceydeli can help reduce the common signs of aging that may begin to appear on the body. The doctor also offers clients sophisticated liposculpture options to help improve the contours of the body through targeted sculpting surgery. Arm lift surgery can help to alleviate the self-consciousness that may accompany wearing a sleeveless or arm-baring shirt.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ceydeli has spent years studying the aesthetics of minimal scarring in liposculpture and liposuction procedures and works diligently to ensure patients receive the best care before, during, and after an upper arm lift procedure. Regaining a youthful appearance through plastic surgery can greatly enhancement a patient’s outlook and enthusiasm for life.

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The Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

The psychological benefits of plastic surgery can often be as potent as the physical improvements made by the procedure itself. By enhancing one’s exterior, beauty can flourish from within. Conferring self-confidence and dignity, an upper arm lift can make shopping for clothes fun and socializing enjoyable.

Arm Lift Recovery

Some swelling, bruising, and discomfort are to be expected during the first part of your arm lift recovery process. Over the counter medication should help to manage any pain. Most patients need around a week of recovery before they can return to work and resume most of their normal activities. Strenuous activity will need to be avoided for several weeks.

Arm Lift Cost

The cost of an arm lift can vary based on the techniques used and other factors. Dr. Ceydeli can discuss costs as well as your payment options during your initial consultation at our office.

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Dr. Ceydeli takes pride in helping patients to discover their inner beauty by performing procedures such as upper arm lifts/brachioplasty. If you are bothered by the appearance of your upper arms, contact the Plastic Surgery Institute & Spa today to schedule a consultation for your arm lift in Panama City.

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