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Lip Wrinkles

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Lines radiating out from the lips characterize an aging face. It is important to treat these lines if a facelift is to be maximally effected. The method most often used is a chemical peel, which causes something similar to a partial thickness burn. Another method is to abrade or sand the area with a high-speed rotary diamond cylinder. Sometimes a combined peeling/Sanding approach – possibly with laser later on – is effective. All methods render the lips raw and oozy, and the crust that forms usually remains for a week to ten days. This is commonly the most unpleasant aspect of an “expanded” facelift. After the crust peels off, the skin around the lips is pink for one or more weeks. With laser, the discoloration can be prolonged lasting three months or more. Sometimes more than one abrasion, peel, or laser treatment is necessary for maximal improvement.

The most effective of all treatments listed above still seems to be the phenol peel. This peel, as well as all methods that injure the skin deep enough to eliminate deep wrinkles result in some pigment disruption. In spite of this, most all patients find the result well worth the loss – or increase – in skin pigmentation.

Injection of fillers into these tiny lip lines also adjuncts the effects of the chemical peel.

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