A number of people who shed a lot of weight, especially abdominal weight, are left with excess skin hanging below their belly button. This excess skin is called the pannus, or simply an apron.

The apron is a cause of great distress to people who have been through a rigorous diet and exercise routine and have shed a lot of weight. The presence of the apron can make a person feel as though all efforts at losing weight are a waste. If you too are facing such an issue, consider a panniculectomy.

A panniculectomy is a surgical procedure used to remove the apron of skin in order to give you the flat, trim abdomen that you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Have a Panniculectomy?

As mentioned earlier, the pannus can make a person feel as though they have achieved nothing, even if they have lost a lot of weight. The simple reason for this is that the presence of a pannus makes it difficult for people to wear clothes without the excessive skin becoming noticeable. This can be a cause of embarrassment to people.

However, a panniculectomy is not necessary only for good looks. The skin folds can cause infections and fungal growth within, which can be dangerous to a patient’s health. The problem extends farther down to the hips, groin, and pubic areas, where a patient may find frequent redness, rashes, and all kinds of skin problems, which can be very distressing.

Who Can Have a Panniculectomy?

People who have loose folds of skin hanging below their belly button area and all around their abdomen should consider coming in for a panniculectomy procedure. This is a common complaint among people who have shed a lot of weight, leaving the skin that had previously stretched to make room for the larger abdomen as extra sagging skin.

This condition is especially common among obese people who have shed a lot of weight as well as some women who have just delivered. If you feel that your weight loss has been rendered useless because of the resulting excessive flaps of skin hanging around your abdominal area, then a panniculectomy is for you.

Panniculectomy Recovery

Recovery from the procedure typically doesn’t take very long. Partially results of a panniculectomy can be seen almost immediately, though swelling may need to reduce before the full results are apparent. As you recover, you’ll notice that you have a trim abdomen and are able to fit into your clothes more easily.

There will be a little discomfort and bruising, which can be addressed if you make sure to follow your doctor’s prescriptions and instructions carefully. The procedure is known to be a safe one, and chances of adverse effects are quite low.

Schedule Your Panniculectomy Consultation

A panniculectomy is a great way for people to get the full benefits of their weight loss. Contact our office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Adil Ceydeli, a well-respected double-board-certified plastic surgeon. During your consultation, you will learn more and find out if you qualify for a panniculectomy procedure.