A chemical peel is a skin-rejuvenation treatment that involves spreading a chemical solution on the skin. When specific chemicals are applied on the skin, they cause old layers to peel away over time, revealing new healthy skin. The process can help to get rid of skin imperfections such as scars, irregular pigmentation, and wrinkles.

There are different types of chemical peels available depending on the skin issues they are intended to correct. Chemical peel classifications are based on penetration depth and the resulting peel effect. Deep chemical peels are intended to revitalize the skin by affecting the deepest skin layers.

About Deep TCA Peels

TCA, or trichloroacetic acid, is typically used as a medium peel. However, it can also be used as an effective deep peel by varying its chemical concentration and the amount of time the chemicals are left on the skin. Its results can be very impressive when it comes to resolving severe skin problems.

A deep TCA peel is beneficial for sun-damaged skin on the face and neck; deep and moderate facial wrinkles; scars; and various skin growths. It can also be used to address vertical lines that form on the upper lips and lines on the eyelids. If you have skin pigmentation or blotches, a TCA peel is an effective remedy for these problems, too.

The Peel Process

The deep TCA peel process actually starts weeks before the date of treatment. The treatment area will undergo a pre-treatment regimen to temporarily thin out the skin. This makes the deep peel even more effective by allowing the chemicals to more easily penetrate through the superficial layers down to the lower depths. Do not put on skin products like makeup on the day before your deep chemical peel treatment.

At the start of your chemical peel, the TCA formulation will be applied to the skin, where it will penetrate down through the layers to encourage exfoliation of the dead and damaged skin cells.

You may have some discomfort after the treatment, but it soon subsides as the skin begins to peel. You will need to follow post-treatment care as per your doctor’s recommendations.

The treated skin will first be white and will then turn red. As the chemical continues to work on the skin layers, the skin will turn brown after around two to three days of the treatment. It will then begin to peel off. Your new skin will begin to emerge within a week or so.

Once the new skin has fully emerged, you will notice that it has a youthful texture without wrinkles and age spots. The new skin will have renewed collagen production, and because of this, its quality and health will continue to improve over time.

Your Consultation

You will need to discuss your goals and expectations for your TCA peel with a skilled medical professional, who can adjust the concentration and time for best results. Dr. Adil Ceydeli is an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who will be happy to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact us for your consultation.