Wind, sun, and a variety of other environmental factors are not kind to our skin. They damage skin cells and wear them down, causing the formation of imperfections like wrinkles, roughness, and brown spots. To remove these cells and generate new, healthy skin cells, we can perform CO2 laser resurfacing!

One of our CO2 laser resurfacing options is called ActiveFX. ActiveFX is a procedure that offers numerous benefits for the appearance and texture of the skin.

After ActiveFX laser treatment, patients experience tightening of the skin, a smoothing away of wrinkles and lines, and improvement of the appearance of brown spots. The skin becomes smoother and healthier as a result of the creation of new collagen protein.

Learn more about the amazing benefits of CO2 laser resurfacing, which can include ActiveFX or another option, DeepFX. Schedule a consultation by contacting our office. Skilled board-certified Panama City plastic surgeon Dr. Adil Ceydeli provides facial rejuvenation and more, so get in touch today!