Nothing can feel as frustrating as living with persistent wrinkles that never seem to go away. Not everyone has the time to apply creams on a daily basis, and they’re often ineffective when it comes to easing away wrinkles.

Drooping brows are another side effect of the aging process. Many may suggest that you let nature take its course, which is fine for some. However, the flipside is that when there is something noticeable, it is wise to get it addressed. Sagging brows can even cause vision problems.

To correct wrinkles and sagging brows, we offer the coronal brow lift. This facial-rejuvenation surgery is specifically tailor-made to suit the requirements of each unique patient. The procedure lifts sagging brows and removes embarrassing age lines from the forehead in a manner that is specific to the individual. This method is the easiest way to lift the brows, providing you with effective results immediately.

The Coronal Brow Lift Technique

The coronal, or traditional, brow lift is performed in an office setting under local anesthesia only – no need to put you under for this procedure. You will be completely numb and won’t feel any discomfort. But of course, general anesthesia is always an option for those few very nervous ones.

During the coronal brow lift, the plastic surgeon makes an incision on the forehead, typically at or behind the hairline, giving him the access to the underlying tissues of the forehead. The incision extends from one ear to the other.

The surgeon then works on the muscles in the area to ensure that the final look is natural without a constant stunned appearance. Excess skin is trimmed away. The objective is to ease away the wrinkles and lift the sagging eyebrows. The forehead is lifted to a new position and the incision is then carefully closed using sutures.

The Healing Process

After surgery, a dressing is applied to the incision, and the head may be wrapped loosely so that there is no edema. Once you are home, you will need to rest and recover.

The coronal brow lift works wonderfully, but you have to do your part during the recovery process to ensure the quality of your results. Patients will be advised by the doctor to follow certain instructions during their recovery period in order to lessen the chance of post-surgical complications.

The head needs to be elevated, and cold compresses must be used in order to reduce swelling; this is typically only necessary for the first few days after the treatment. Swelling may last for a couple of weeks.

Check with your doctor before you attempt to resume your normal course of activities. The dressing is removed the next day, and patient can take a shower right after the dressing is removed. Suture and staples are removed a week after surgery.

The results last for quite a long time. It’s important to remember that because growing older is a natural process, the skin will experience a degree of drooping over time following the procedure.

Some points to consider: Avoid excessive sunlight to keep the skin healthy. A healthy diet and cutting back on smoking and alcohol consumption can make the skin healthier, lessening the likelihood and severity of wrinkles forming over time. Avoiding stress can also aid in this.

Make an Appointment for a Coronal Brow Lift Consultation

The best way to prepare for your brow lift is by setting up a consultation with Dr. Adil Ceydeli. Dr. Ceydeli, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, will walk you through the procedure and make sure all of your questions are answered. Contact our office today to get started.