Pregnancy alters a woman’s physiology and physique in many ways. As the body prepares for the child’s growth and wellbeing, it stretches itself to the limit, both metaphorically and literally.

Sometimes, after delivery, the body adjusts to the changes and goes back to normal. But often, new mothers are unable get rid of stubborn stomach bulges despite a consistent exercise regimen and diet management. Why does this happen? In many cases, the answer lies in a condition called diastasis recti.

Diastasis Recti

The abdominal muscles are a set of paired muscles found in the abdomen and serve many important functions, one of them being maintaining the shape of the stomach. These muscles, called the rectus abdominis muscles, are separated by connective tissue.

During pregnancy, as the uterus grows, it pushes against the abdominal wall, causing the left and right abdominal muscles to pull apart. The resulting diastasis, or separation, that develops between the abdominal muscles is called diastasis recti.

Though this condition can gradually disappear after childbirth, it persists in many women in the form of sagging muscle tissue, creating the look of a bulge. Women who have had more than one child or have delivered babies who weigh more are most likely to develop diastasis recti. It can also develop in women who get pregnant after the age of 35 or are carrying more than one baby.

The diastasis recti pooch makes many women feel uncomfortable with their appearance, especially while wearing tight-fitting clothes or swimwear. Apart from the aesthetic impact, it can also adversely affect the physical health of the patient in the form of problems like lower-back pain, breathing difficulties, constipation, and hernia. Activities like lifting heavy objects and performing certain strenuous exercises can make it worse. What can be done to get rid of this problem?

The Mommy Makeover

Women with diastasis recti can benefit from a tummy tuck as part of a mommy makeover. The mommy makeover is a series of surgical procedures that can help reverse the unwanted changes a pregnancy causes in a woman’s body. With a mommy makeover, we can restore your body to its former shape.

A mommy makeover can be customized to include several procedures, including a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, a breast lift, and liposuction. The exact procedures in the mommy makeover package will depend on the needs and requirements of the patient.

During the tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, a horizontal curving incision is made from hipbone to hipbone. Another incision may also be made around the bellybutton. Through the incisions, the abdominal muscles are tightened with the help of internal sutures. This creates a stronger abdominal wall and reduces sagging. Excess fat and skin are also removed from the area for a trimmer tummy.

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