Skin elasticity declines as we age. This happens because our collagen production rate decreases significantly. Collagen is a protein that allows the skin to be flexible and smooth. Without a regular supply of new collagen, our skin starts to droop and lose definition. Your cheekbones may become harsh and you may develop multiple wrinkles. This can make you look older and tired.

Many people feel self-conscious about their appearance. For some, this can stem from noticing facial wrinkles and folds forming as they get older. For others, it can be caused by the appearance of hollow cheeks. These aesthetic issues can negatively affect your confidence while out in public.

There is a simple solution available that can simultaneously correct facial-aging issues and treat excess stubborn fat: a facial fat transfer. The facial fat transfer is a revolutionary technique that uses your own fat cells, which have been extracted from different trouble areas on your body, to fill in facial wrinkles and restore lost volume.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

The procedure is made up of three steps. During the first step, Dr. Ceydeli will harvest excess stubborn fat from parts of your body like the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. This is done through gentle liposuction, which involves medical suction and a tube with a sharp end.

He will then isolate and clean the fat cells that have been extracted. Damaged and dead fats cells and unnecessary substances will be filtered out, leaving only healthy fat cells for transfer. Using healthy fat cells is key, because healthy fat cells are the most likely to survive and thrive in their new location. When the transferred cells connect to the blood supply and thrive, this creates long-lasting results.

During the final step, Dr. Ceydeli injects these healthy fat cells into areas of your face that lack volume and definition, making them look plump and youthful again. In this way, hollow regions and various wrinkles and age lines can be filled. These injections are delivered in a way that is precise and accurate, offering results that are very even and natural-looking.

Who Are Good Candidates for the Facial Fat Transfer?

If you’re concerned about the way the sunken areas of your face make you look, you’re a good candidate for a facial fat transfer. It’s also ideal for people who have facial wrinkles like marionette lines, frown lines, smile lines, and harsh nasolabial folds.

Since it’s your own body fat that’s being used and not any foreign materials, there is little to no chance that your body will reject it. Not only is this procedure completely natural, it’s also highly effective. It will not require a long period of downtime.

Getting Your Fat-Transfer Treatment

For those who are feeling ready to get rid of wrinkles and restore your facial volume, it’s time to take action. Schedule your fat-transfer consultation by contacting our office for an appointment. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adil Ceydeli has years of experience and will be happy to answer your questions.