Juvederm is an FDA-approved product designed to restore skin to its formerly youthful appearance by filling in moderate and harsh age lines. This product has been proven to work well and offer excellent results while requiring only minimal touch-ups.

How Juvederm Works

Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler designed to treat wrinkles and folds in the skin of the face. It is an injectable product that fills in the lines brought about by aging, resulting in younger, smoother, and plumper-looking skin.

Juvederm is not the only injectable dermal filler on the market today, but it is by far one of the most effective options. Approved by the FDA, the gel features a consistency that is smoother and more malleable, therefore allowing it to blend and adhere better to the skin. This creates a smooth, seamless, and completely natural look.

Some of the most common areas treated with Juvederm are the lines from nose to mouth (the nasolabial folds), lip lines, frown lines, the backs of hands, and the lips to add definition. The procedure has been found to be effective in a majority of patients. Since hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar, side effects are unlikely.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

Juvederm is injected directly into problem areas of the skin by a trained medical professional. The process itself is quick and simple, with only one session needed for the results to take effect, depending on the amount of skin that needs to be filled in. Once it has been injected, the results are instantaneous.

Pain is not often an issue during the procedure, as dermatologists may utilize anesthesia or other methods to minimize discomfort. In most cases, the needle does not go deep enough for pain to be a major issue. Minor discomfort may be felt during the injections and 24 hours afterwards. No other side effects are prevalent once the 24 hours have passed.

The procedure itself does not require extensive preparation on the part of the patient. Depending on the specific area to be filled in, the procedure typically requires only 15 minutes to complete.

The process is such that no overnight stay is necessary and patients can comfortably go home afterwards. Patients are advised to stay away from the sun, heavy exercise, and alcoholic beverages during the next 24 to 48 hours.

What Should I Expect After the Recovery Period?

Patients who undergo Juvederm can expect instant results with plumper, smoother, and healthier-looking skin. The wrinkles and sag lines are filled in, allowing the skin to be lifted and provide that youthful-looking glow.

The good news is that the gel is made to last for six months to a year before any additional treatments are required. Note, however, that consultations or checkups may become necessary every few months or so to make sure that the gel is holding smoothly. The frequency of checkups may vary from one person to another, depending on their daily skin routine.

Who Should Use Juvederm?

Juvederm is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve youthful-looking skin instantaneously and maintain that look. Note, however, that individuals who are taking medications or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised against undergoing a Juvederm treatment.

Find Out More During a Consultation

When undergoing a Juvederm treatment, make sure to engage the services of an excellent plastic surgeon. If you would like to set up a consultation with double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adil Ceydeli and learn more about Juvederm, contact us and schedule your appointment.