Hair loss is a very common phenomenon among men. Often it is a result of heredity or external factors. With pollution, poor water quality, and chemical hair products, the population is now witnessing a surge in hair loss and a rising number of balding individuals.

Luckily, the medical field has been discovering new effective ways to treat hair loss and baldness. The Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUT) procedure is one such medical technique used to provide patients with a full head of hair. Coming in for this procedure will allow you to regain full, thick, natural-looking hair.

What Is the FUT Procedure?

FUT has become one of the leading hair-transplant procedures over the years. It is also known as the strip excision procedure. The reason that it has gained popularity is that it has shown successful results in filling up the thinning portions of a patient’s scalp and the incisions are virtually undetectable. There are rarely any post-surgical marks, so that you can enjoy thick hair without any evidence of surgery.

The FUT procedure involves the harvesting of donor hair in the form of follicular units. These units occur naturally in groups of one to four hairs. The follicular units will come from an area of the patient’s scalp, usually on a spot in the back of the head.

To harvest these units, the section of the scalp is surgically taken out and then the follicular units to be used for transplantation are individually removed from it. The main focus should be on harvesting quality roots in a way that is gentle on them, as this helps to ensure that the patient undergoes a successful graft procedure.

The surgeon will employ an advanced technique to close the incisions so that your hair grows directly from the incision region. This makes it impossible for others to notice post-surgical marks. Moreover, the donor strip section is quite small and won’t be visible, as it will be covered by existing hair. Thus, patients can go on with their lives without showing any signs of an intrusive procedure.

Advantages of FUT Treatment

The biggest advantage of FUT is that it is possible to transplant a large number of follicular units in one session. The FUT treatment can specifically transfer around 4,000 follicle units.

One option is a “super session,” where the FUT method is used to transfer more than 5,000 follicle units in a single seating. When you are looking for a large amount of hair transplantation, these super sessions are the best way to go, as they offer the benefit of convenience and are economical in approach.

Most patients prefer FUT as their ideal hair-transplantation treatment because they are not available for multiple surgery dates. FUT has a high rate of follicle survival, and most doctors suggest it because of that. If there is a limit on the hair availability in the donor area, then FUT treatment will be an excellent choice, as it can still achieve optimum results.

Get That Hair Back

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