More than 50% of East Asians do not have creased folds in their upper eyelids. This is a natural occurrence. However, the lack of creased folds does cause a fair number of problems. For starters, the eyes may develop droopiness, creating a half-closed appearance. Some patients have even complained about issues relating to vision, which occur as a result of overhanging eyelids.

However, there is a solution to fix this problem – it’s called the Asian eyelid lift. The Asian eyelid lift focuses on removing excess fat and skin to reduce the heaviness of the eyelids and ensure that the patient enjoys a more open, enthusiastic, and energetic look with surgically created creased folds.

The Asian eyelid lift is a very popular procedure. It achieves the intended look without altering the natural ethnic features of the patient.

What to Expect

A typical Asian eyelid lift will help create an enhanced shape, an improved lid crease height, and desired eyelid continuity.

The exact results of the Asian eyelid lift will vary from patient to patient based on individual goals. Dr. Ceydeli will speak with you to determine your expectations and needs, which in turn will influence the variations and enhancements that will have to be carried out.

As for the type of incision, Dr. Ceydeli will make an incision in the upper-lid crease. This is done to ensure that the incision is small and as unnoticeable as possible. The incision is held deep inside the crease, which hides all the signs of the procedure. Once the tissues have been altered as needed to achieve the patient’s goals, the incisions are carefully closed using medical sutures.

The Recovery Process

After your Asian eyelid lift, you will need a ride home from a friend or a family member, since you will not be able to drive yourself home. It’s best to arrange for this in advance. It will also be beneficial to have help around the house for a day or two.

You can expect some mild swelling in the area after the Asian eyelid lift. This will last for a few days. Also, the sutures will temporarily prevent the development of a proper fold, which can look odd. However, things should start to look good in a week or so.

Patients are advised to take a few days off from work to heal and recover. It will be vital that you avoid any intense physical activities, including heavy exercise, sports, and heavy lifting. This allows the incisions to heal without any post-operative complications.

Your complete results will become noticeable in a few weeks, and you will notice improvements with each passing day.

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