There is a reason why makeup artists from around the world recommend showing love to your eyebrows. Your eyebrows have a significant impact on the way you look. Nicely shaped and symmetrical eyebrows make heads turn.

Fashion experts consider unkempt sagging eyebrows blasphemy, a fashion faux pas that can turn even eternal beauties into the butt of ugly jokes. Sagging eyebrows can drag down your appearance, making you look five or even ten years older than your actual age.

There are many natural reasons for sagging eyebrows, including the pull of gravity, the aging process, and prolonged sun exposure. Do sagging eyebrows mean the end of the road for people who like to look and feel youthful and attractive? Definitely not.

Thanks to advancements in cosmetic science, more people than ever before have realized their dream of having perfect eyebrows. Now, plastic surgeons perform different types of brow-lift surgeries every day.

The traditional brow lift is one of the most effective and common brow-lift procedures. The objective of the surgery is to raise drooping brows and reduce deep creases on the forehead. Because of this, it is also known as a traditional forehead lift.

What Is the Brow-Lift Procedure Like?

The traditional brow-lift method is also known as a coronal or classic brow lift. To help avoid pain and discomfort, patients are administered anesthesia.

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Ceydeli makes an incision at or behind the hairline. This incision stretches from one ear to the other. After this, he removes the frown (corrugator) muscles, which cause deep lines in between the eyebrows. He also removes excess scalp to shape the eyebrows and then closes the incision.

What to Discuss with Dr. Ceydeli Before the Surgery

Before you can schedule a brow lift, you’ll need to set up your consultation. During this, you will need to discuss the following:

• Your aesthetic needs and goals for the procedure
• Your medical history
• Any supplements that you are taking
• Any allergies you may have

To ensure you’re fit to undergo surgery, Dr. Ceydeli will conduct various medical tests and examine your forehead and brow.

What to Do Before the Surgery

To prepare for your brow lift, you will need to do the following:

• Quit smoking.
• Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications.
• Request a friend or family member to drive you to and from Dr. Ceydeli’s private surgery center.
• Avoid drinking or eating anything after midnight the night before the procedure.
• Follow Dr. Ceydeli’s pre-operative instructions.

What to Do After the Surgery

Brow-lift patients are always allowed to go home the same day. After the surgery, you may experience facial swelling or numbness. These symptoms will gradually subside.

To experience a short and comfortable recovery period:

• Avoid partaking in physically strenuous activities and bending over for at least three weeks after surgery.
• Steer clear of hair colors for at least a month after the procedure.
• Take steps to minimize exposure to UV rays for at least six weeks.
• When cleaning your hair, use baby shampoo or mild products that do not contain phosphates.
• Take care to keep your dressing dry.
• Apply Vaseline to the incisions at least three times a day.
• Avoid using makeup on the incisions.

Is the Traditional Brow Lift Right for You?

To find out if the traditional brow lift is the right choice for your procedure, contact the office of Dr. Adil Ceydeli, a board-certified plastic surgeon, and schedule your consultation.