Do your breasts look droopy? Don’t worry – this is a common experience for many women after a certain age. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can also cause this issue.

Sagging breasts can affect your body shape and make it difficult to wear your favorite clothes. They can also affect a woman’s self-image and body confidence.

What Causes Your Breasts to Sag?

Your body undergoes numerous changes as you grow older. Your skin loses its firmness and elasticity over time. This loss of elasticity can cause your breasts to sag. Gravity is the biggest culprit, causing the ligaments in your breasts to become weak and to stretch.

Significant weight loss or fluctuations are also responsible for sagging breasts. Changes in weight can weaken the skin in your chest, leading to droopy breasts.

Pregnancy is another reason why women develop sagging breasts. During pregnancy, your breasts become enlarged and heavier. This weakens the ligaments around them, causing them to stretch out. After your pregnancy, the ligaments remain weak and your breasts begin to droop.

How Can We Correct Sagging Breasts?

Sagging breasts cannot be corrected through diet and exercise. The best way to correct the problem is through a breast lift. This surgical procedure, also called mastopexy, is performed to remove excess skin and other tissues to reshape your breasts and give you a whole new look.

While the procedure will not change your breast size, a breast lift will improve their shape, firmness, and symmetry. It is not advisable to undergo a breast lift if you are planning a pregnancy sometime in the future, as the body changes associated with pregnancy can alter the results of the breast lift.

Consider the Unique Liposuction-Assisted Short-Scar Breast Lift

One of the biggest worries about going under the knife is living with scars. Dr. Ceydeli understands this and can perform the liposuction-assisted short-scar breast lift to address the issue.

This specialized breast-lift technique involves the removal of excess tissues via liposuction and excision while leaving minimal post-surgical marks after recovery. This unique procedure has been a huge success and provides amazing long-lasting results.

What to Expect

During the liposuction-assisted short-scar breast lift, a lollipop-shaped incision is made. This involves making an incision around the areola and extending it vertically downwards to meet the breast crease.

Dr. Ceydeli then removes excess fat using liposuction. Excess skin is trimmed from the lateral parts and bottom. The nipple-areolar complex can be repositioned if desired. Once both breasts are deemed symmetrical, the remaining skin is pulled tight and the incisions are closed with sutures.

The results of the procedure are noticeable almost immediately. Once the patient has recovered, they will notice that their breasts are symmetrical and no longer sagging. The breasts will be firm and better contoured than before. Patients can enjoy living their lives without worrying about drooping breasts.

Contact Our Office to Get Started

The breast lift is an excellent choice for getting firmer breasts that are more youthful-looking. Contact our office today to schedule a breast-lift consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adil Ceydeli, who will be happy to answer your questions.