Breast reconstruction is an excellent surgical option to rebuild the breast after a full or partial mastectomy. It can involve one or multiple operations to achieve the desired results.

Breast reconstruction can be done using implants or body tissues. Your surgeon will discuss the options with you before the surgery and help you make an informed decision. You can also choose between immediate reconstruction, which means the surgery starts right after the mastectomy, and delayed reconstruction, which means the surgery is performed at a later date.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

Choosing the type of breast reconstruction surgery you want to have is an important decision. The type of reconstruction you choose will depend on factors like your surgery needs and original breast size.

Implant Reconstruction: Your doctor will use a breast implant to rebuild your breast, restoring volume. With implants, you can have firmer breasts, but they may feel different from your natural breasts or from breasts made with your own tissues.

Implant reconstruction is ideal for when both breasts are being rebuilt, because otherwise one breast may feel different from the other, especially as you age. Breast implants are also a good option for women with smaller breasts.

You have the choice of a saline or a silicone implant. If you want your breasts to feel more natural to the touch, silicone implants are a better choice.

Tissue Reconstruction: Tissues from your own lower abdomen, buttocks, thigh, or back can be used to reconstruct your breast. During this process, a flap of tissue is harvested and then transferred over to the breast area. This can be composed of many types of tissue, including fatty tissue and muscle tissue. There are many different types of tissue-reconstruction methods based on the type of flap used for the surgery.

Rebuilding the breasts using a person’s own body tissues is ideal for those with large or medium breasts. The surgery requires more time to perform than implant reconstruction.

There are times when reconstruction of the breasts may require use of both tissue reconstruction and implant-based reconstruction.

Tissue Expanders: These prosthetics can also be seen as a form of temporary implant. After the tissue expanders are inserted into the breast area, they are slowly filled with a saline solution in order to expand the tissues of the chest. This creates room for the breast implant. Once the area has been sufficiently expanded, the expander is removed and replaced by an implant.

The Recovery Process

The recovery time for flap reconstruction will depend on the type of flap used for the procedure. The breast implant placement process requires less recovery time than tissue reconstruction. However, you may require several follow-up visits to complete the process properly.

Set Up an Informative Consultation

Breast reconstruction surgery is typically quite important to those who have had to undergo a mastectomy procedure. Before your mastectomy, it is best to discuss reconstruction options as part of a consultation at our office. Dr. Adil Ceydeli is a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon and an excellent choice for your next procedure, so contact us today to arrange an appointment.