Do you have a skin growth or lesion that seems suspicious? If you are worried about a potentially cancerous lesion, come in for testing as soon as possible. We will help determine the nature of the lesion, and if removal is necessary, this can be taken care of using Mohs surgery. We will also discuss the skin cancer reconstruction process.

Mohs surgery is a method of precisely removing layers of tissue from a lesion and performing lab analysis to search for cancerous cells in each layer. This thorough process may also involve removal and analysis of surrounding tissue to ensure that the cancer has not spread.

Skin cancer reconstruction is a technique used after Mohs surgery. Typically, once a lesion has been removed from an area, a wound will remain. This wound affects the look of the region. Skin cancer reconstruction is used to not only close this wound but also restore the natural appearance of the skin and the area as a whole.

Contact our office to arrange an appointment. Skilled board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adil Ceydeli will be available to meet with you and perform an evaluation.

Description: Skin cancer reconstruction from Dr. Ceydeli is used to not only close a wound after Mohs surgery but also restore the natural appearance of the area.