The mons pubis is the skin-and-soft-tissue pad in front of the pubic bone, which is located above the external genitalia. For a variety of reasons, an individual may have a highly prominent mons pubis, which can pose several functional problems.

Some women might have an excess of stubborn fat in the area, while others might be suffering from ptosis, or sagging, of the skin due to sudden weight loss that not only makes genital hygiene a problem but also hides the genitalia. A highly conspicuous mons pubis is a constant cause for embarrassment for the patient, as it can not only show up as a bulge in certain outfits but can also lead to self-consciousness during sexual intercourse.

For addressing the issue of such patients, there is a plastic surgery procedure called mons pubis rejuvenation that combines a host of other treatments to fix the enlargement or sagging of the mons pubis.

Mons Pubis Rejuvenation

If there is an excess of fat accumulation around the area, it can be corrected by a simple liposuction that extracts the extra fat cells from the area, restoring its original size. However, if your problem is poor elasticity of the skin and a consequent sagging of the mons pubis, you might be given a pubic lift body-contouring surgery.

Usually, in the event of a sagging pubic region, the doctor will perform an excision in the form of a transverse wedge or vertical wedge. The excess skin will be trimmed off, and the remaining skin will be pulled taut and held in place with the help of sutures.

In case the area seems extraordinarily deflated, the doctor might use a fat injection to increase the volume of the region and plump it up for a fuller and more youthful appearance. Depending upon the specific requirements of an individual’s body, the doctor might even perform the mons pubis lift in conjunction with a regular tummy tuck or body lift procedure.

What Are the Benefits?

• Mons pubis rejuvenation is both safe and highly effective.
• It can restore the normal urinary function and minimize the risk of frequent urinary tract infections.
• It excises the excess loose skin and provides more defined and lifted contours to the pubic region.
• It is often performed as a procedural component of the regular abdominoplasty and body lift surgeries, eliminating the discomfort of recovering from two separate operations subsequently.
• This procedure accentuates the appearance of the genitalia and enhances your self-esteem.
• Mons pubis rejuvenation makes it comfortable for you to wear tight-fitting clothes and even thongs.
• It remedies the discomfort of performing sexual intercourse with an enlarged pubic area and makes exercising easier.

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Mons pubis rejuvenation can greatly enhance the genital aesthetics and can help to improve sexual function. If this sounds like the ideal procedure for you, contact our office today for a consultation. When you speak with Dr. Adil Ceydeli, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have regarding this procedure.