The way that a patient prepares for a plastic surgery procedure and for their post-surgical recovery process can help to ensure quality results. Prepared patients are also better able to avoid secondary infections, as any surgery big or small has infection risks if the proper care is not taken.

Preparation for Arm Lift Surgery

• A major part of your arm lift preparation process is your surgical consultation. Your surgeon will examine your arms, and you will be evaluated to ensure that you are suitable to get the surgery. You will then be given full preparation instructions.

• Aim to maintain a healthy weight. Sometimes if you are overweight or if you have gained weight recently, you may be asked to reduce the weight to reach a decent BMI level before the actual surgery. Though the excess fat would be removed during the surgery, naturally burning most of the fat makes it easier to correct the loose sagging skin in the area.

• You might be asked to temporarily change the types of medication you take, as there are some medicines that should not be taken in the days before the surgery. This can include certain medicines with anti-inflammatory properties.

• You will have to alter a few other lifestyle habits, including smoking. Quitting smoking will be vital, as smoking can affect the progress of a patient’s post-surgical healing.

Recovery After Arm Lift Surgery

• Once the surgery is successfully done, the aftercare instructions should be followed to the letter. The closer you follow these directions, the shorter the recovery period can be. Post-surgical complications will also be much less likely.

• Use the best-quality dressing on the area where the incision was done. Every time you get the dressing changed, ensure that you choose the highest quality. This will help avoid infections in the site of surgery.

• A post-surgical compression garment might have to be worn during the healing process. After the surgery, the site of incision and the surrounding area often become swollen. There might also be irregular blood circulation to the area. Compression garments minimize the amount of post-surgical swelling and support the weakened tissues for quicker and more consistent healing.

• You might be prescribed antibiotics and painkillers after the surgery to avoid infections and to help alleviate any pain in the area. Stick to the medication schedule as prescribed by your physician. Also, in case you’re planning to take any other medicines for other health conditions or even general over-the-counter medications, always have a word with your physician first.

Arrange Your Consultation

The best way to find out about preparation for surgery and post-surgical care is by consulting with an experienced medical professional. Dr. Adil Ceydeli, a highly skilled double-board-certified plastic surgeon, is an excellent choice for your arm lift consultation. Dr. Ceydeli will be happy to answer your questions and has the experience required to make sure patients get the results they desire.

To arrange a helpful arm lift consultation with Dr. Ceydeli, contact our office today and schedule an appointment.